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UpStart Premium Replacement Batteries

Need a new battery for your cell phone, camera, notebook or music player? You have a few choices. You can buy the original battery from the manufacturer. But it will be expensive. The manufacturer would rather sell you a whole new device instead of the battery. You could buy a knock-off. It will be cheap, but it might not work. Or worse. It might not even be safe.

Now You Have a Better Choice

UpStart only sells batteries from factories that have a manufacturing contract for at least three of the top 10 international consumer electronic brands. Our factories have been carefully analyzed from top to bottom before being certified and awarded a production contract. A factory has to accomplish this difficult feat at least three times before UpStart will source batteries from them.

UpStart Certified Factories

UpStart batteries come from name brand factories,but by putting our branding on the product, we avoid paying huge royalties to the owners of those brands, and can pass these savings on to you - all without sacrificing quality, safety and reliability.

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