Recycling Program

Help us achieve our goal of recycling over one million batteries by the end of 2008!

Certified Battery, Pacific Citadel Capital, and UpStart Battery are dedicated to reducing the impact of our modern, battery powered lifestyle on the environment. Battery production uses harsh chemicals, and even after the ban on the use of mercury, no one will claim that batteries are good for the environment - least of all us.

Some argue that lithium ion powered cars will one day replace greenhouse gas producing automobiles. But no matter how you slice it, batteries are not green... but they can be better than alternatives. Here are some ways that you can help:

  • Buy the very best batteries on the market. Not only do the best batteries last the longest, but the environmental impact produced by world class corporations is far less than the tiny, knock-off producers that ship inferior quality cells, and care little about how long they last, and less on the environmental impact of their production. In other words, buy UpStart Batteries, any other famous replacement name brand, or buy the original OEM branded cells for your devices if you prefer (they come from the same factories), but AVOID the knock offs if you care about the environment as much as you do your electronics.

  • Don't buy the latest and greatest device every year and throw away your old one. The impact of battery production is nothing compared to the impact of producing the electronics, metals and plastics required for the entire product. Buy good devices and use them longer. When necessary, get new batteries and recycle the old ones.

  • Drop off or send in your old batteries for recycling. Few know it, but this is law under the EPA.
We know that few people are willing to forgoe the benefits that battery powered devices provide, and frankly, neither are we. But that doesn't excuse us from doing our part to improve the world that we will leave our children.

If you have read this far, you're our kind of people! Enter Promo Code "RECYCLEME" in your shopping cart and save 5% on your purchase (before shipping and taxes). But we ONLY offer you this discount if you promise to do your part and recycle your old battery. Send it to us, or take advantage of one of the more than 30,000 drop locations available via the Call2Recycle Non Profit organization.

Thanks for doing your part, and for helping us do ours!

Todd Stephenson,
Chief Executive Officer

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