Standard Warranties

Certified Battery handles all warranty claims for our customers on all products, with the exception of non-rechargeable batteries. You are protected at minimum by a 90 day warranty. Some products have longer warranties, but all non excluded products and services have at least this warranty. If your product fails, request a replacement from us by completing the form here. Once you have the RMA number, send us the old product (shipping prepaid) and we will send you a new one (we pay the shipping). Returned batteries are thoroughly tested and then usually recycled. Once and awhile the battery "tests fine", indicating a problem with the customer's device. We will contact you at that point, and either send back the old battery, or if you prefer, send you a coupon to use in our store. (we like to do that, as a good battery in a dead device usually doesn't help people much!). In all cases, old batteries that are not returned to customers are carefully recycled.

Lifetime Warranty on most UpStart Batteries & Chargers

What? Lifetime warranty? How can you offer lifetime warranties!?

Yes, we know. Nothing lasts forever, and your UpStart Battery won't either. But these batteries are such high quality and last so long that this is the best demonstration of our confidence in them that we can possibly provide.

How it Works

Following the standard warranty period, if the eligible UpStart Battery product you purchased from Certified Battery fails (does not charge or does not hold a charge at all), request a replacement with the form here. You will receive an RMA number to send back the old battery, which must be sent shipping prepaid. You will also receive an invoice for shipping and handling for the new product. Once that is paid, your replacement product will be shipped out. That's it! Nice and easy.

The Fine Print

We can't offer a lifetime warranty without a little fine print. These notes are in addition to our standard Terms of Use.

  • applies only to eligible UpStart Batteries purchased from Certified Battery
  • lifetime warranties are non transferrable
  • lifetime warranties may only be exercised once
  • shipping and handling charges may vary over time
  • our maximum liability, monentary or in kind, shall in no case be more than cost of the shipping and handling charges for a new battery
  • lifetime refers to the life cycle of the product. As long as UpStart Battery sells and has available stock of the battery, the lifetime warranty shall be in force.
  • Laptop batteries are excluded from this program.
Please contact us with any questions on our warranty programs or any other questions you may have.And finally, remember that you are protected by our money back guarantee on most products and services. You can read about that here.



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