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Hello! If you are reading this, it means you have successfully accessed this hidden area of the website. Certified Battery and Microsoft Charity are both owned by Pacific Citadel Capital, Inc.

In the interests of keeping costs as low as possible for Willow Creek Canada Member Churches and other non-profit customers, PCC decided to use our existing payment processing engine to handle payment for charity software licenses.

Fulfilling the mandate of your church or non-profit organization is hard enough without paying more than you have to for key productivity tools such as Microsoft Office, Windows Server, Microsoft Publisher, Streets & Trips, and over 400 other Microsoft Products.

Before Continuing, Please Remember:

  • Bookmark this page - you cannot reach it from the index of You can also return here via the "login" tab from our website at

  • Please familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of Microsoft's Charity Program. Our shopping cart is not smart enough to capture all the license terms. Orders that violate Microsoft's License terms will be refunded. The key point to remember is that opening a charity subscription requires a minimum of five licenses. Mix and match is ok.

  • Call us toll free at (877)999-5559 to speak with our license experts if you need any assistance or to get some money saving tips.

  • Click the Microsoft Box Below to browse titles.

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The Leadership Centre Willow Creek Canada and Pacific Citadel Capital, Inc. collaberate to help make Microsoft Charity Software licenses available to 6000 churches across Canada.

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