I love the Blackberry.  It works far better than any smartphone or palm that I have tried… it is easier to punch out emails, and more important, it seems to have the rare quality of working intuitively… exactly as you might expect it to.  The blackberry is specialized for business use, and it shows.

So, having gushed sufficiently, my gripes with the newer models, the 8800 series, pearl, and company, is that they are harder to type with.  My old 7250 is so far superior to any of the new ones that I have tried - if email is all you really care about.  The keys are too close together on the new models, which makes it hard to type fast.

So it will be interesting to see if this new design makes it to market, and how it will be to actually use.  The angled idea seems genius to me, but I would still prefer a bit more space between the keys to help avoid typos and enable increased typing speed.